Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Freebie

Well here is my first digital freebie. I'm not even sure if I did all this right, but hey its a start right. It is 2 papers 1 is for Mickey and one for Donald. I am working on a "kit" to go with them, but that will take some time to finish. I wanted to get something up though so I could see if I was even going to be able to share them. I am having a blast working on these, and I hope someone out there likes them! My Goal is to get a kit together so I can host a speed scrap or weekly challenge.


Carmen :)

P.S. I could not figure out how to let you download the entire folder so you can just click on the green arrow below the picture and it will take you to the download. I will figure out how to do it tomorrow, but it is 2am right now and I am tired. LOL


  1. Just found your blog through Mouse Scrappers, thanks for sharing your talent!

  2. I'm a wanna be designer myself, and I really like these!!!